What TO Wear - Pole Version

Figuring out what to wear to a pole class can be tricky! When considering clothing for pole, think about safety first and modesty second. In general, as the levels of pole you participate in become more difficult, the smaller your garments should become, as you need more and more of your body and skin to make contact with the pole. Below are some tips for helping you choose the most appropriate attire for your next pole class.

Choose tightly fitting, breathable, and moisture wicking fabrics.

No socks! They’ll hinder your movement and make it impossible to climb a pole.

Shoes vs. Bare Feet – In our Introduction to Pole class we ask that students not wear shoes. (Learning to walk around a pole is tricky enough without 6" stilettos.) Often, as students progress they enjoy wearing heels while performing tricks and spins. Finally, as students begin performing inversions and exercises near the top of the pole, they prefer bare feet. Frankly, I prefer never to wear heels in a pole class. I’d rather focus on my form and mastering new tricks.

A Note Regarding Shoes: Shoes are never allowed in our “Pole Fit” class. Our Pole Fit moves are strictly exercise based.

Bottoms – No matter what you call them, (booty shorts, boy shorts, yoga shorts, or short shorts) wear them! At the least, you’ll need your calves and your hamstrings to help grip the pole. Shorts are to pole what running shoes are to running.

Tops – Sleeveless or short sleeved exercise tops only please. A loose top will only get in your way. As you progress to more difficult levels of pole you’ll want your shirts to cover less and less of your mid-section. A mid-drift yoga top or sports bra will become more and more paramount to performing inversions and tricks. Eventually you’ll wear pasties. (I’m kidding. I think.) 

Hair – Pull it back in a bun or pony-tail, or pin it back. Yes, it’s pretty down, but it hurts like heck when you whip yourself in the eyes with your hair. Sorry Willow Smith!

Make-up – If you wear makeup to any exercise class, make sure it won’t clog your pores. Sweat + thick makeup = acne

Gloves – Not a requirement, but they can be helpful for performing certain exercises and for preventing or minimizing calluses. There are several brands of aerial fitness and pole dancing gloves on the market, which can be purchased at online sites such as amazon. Many weight-lifting gloves will work as well. Make sure they fit and that the Velcro closures won’t slip as you place pressure on the gloves.

One last note: Please keep in mind that even though we encourage sparse clothing for your safety, you’ll want your attire to be well made and well fitted.  You don’t want a wardrobe malfunction (another musical reference) to shock your classmates. 

Clothing Resources

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