What TO Wear - Barre Version

Often, new clients ask us what they should wear to class. For certain, all garments should be fitted, breathable, and moisture wickingHere are some other hard and fast rules for our barre classes, starting from the ground up:

Shoes – Wear them to the studio, but not inside the studio.

Socks – A must! Socks with anti-slip grip or tread on the bottom are best. No toe socks please, as they make it harder to point to your toes, hindering the beautiful ballerina you have deep inside of you!

Tops – Yoga, running, or cross training tanks or racer-backs with built in bras or with a separate sports bra underneath.

Bottoms – Capri pants, yoga pants, or boy shorts made for exercise are preferable. No lose shorts please. You’ll regret it!

Gloves – Not a must, but helpful for avoiding calluses.

Hair – Pulled back in a bun, pony-tail, or headband.

Makeup – Wear it or don’t. Mine is always gone by the end of class. For your skins sake, I recommend forgoing heavy, potentially pore clogging products. If you wear mascara, choose one that is waterproof.

After Class: You’ll want to bring a loose fitting top, hoody or jacket to cover yourself after class. When sweat cools, even on a hot day, the body often becomes chilled.

A Note: While it is not necessary to wear expensive workout clothing to class, you do want to avoid thick and/or baggy clothing. Heavy fabrics make it harder for your instructor to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of your form and you could overheat your body.