The Traveler's Workout

Take a jump rope and resistance band if at all possible.  If possible-add weights, cans, or other weighted devices to your squats and lunges.

Warm Up

1 min march in place

1 min hamstring curl

1 min alternating knee lifts

1 min squats

1 min cougar lunges

Cardio Exercise

1 min jumping jacks

1 min squats

1 min push ups

Repeat x 3

1 min jump squats

1 min cougar lunges

1 min plank

Repeat x 3

1 min jump rope

1 min alternating lunges

1 min side plank raises

Repeat x 3


Sit on balance point (Butt bones), raise feet and knees off the ground, place an exercise band under feet, row arms behind you, elbows in tight

Stand with band under feet, raise arms and band above head as high as possible

Bicep curls with band

10 reps x 3 sets

Tricep dips off of chair, bench, or other stable object

Hold band in front of you, shoulder distance apart, extend arms out to side, bringing band to chest

Shoulder bridges –lift and lower your bottom 1”

15 reps X 3 sets


Bicycle 1 min

Sit ups 1 min

Crunches 1 min

Drop and then raise one foot at a time 1 min

Hold on to something, roll knees to chest, feet close to butt 1 min