New Studio’s Dance-Inspired Fitness Classes Offer Exciting, Effective Workouts

DENVER – With long, lean muscles, a strong core and elegant physique, ballerinas are often seen as the epitome of fitness and beauty. Yet it doesn’t have to take years of discipline and workouts to achieve this same shape – instead, those in Denver need look no farther than the new the barre body fitness studio.

This independently owned, one-of-a-kind workout studio captures the essence of ballet and other dance styles in hour-long classes, which give participants a fast, fun and effective workout to quickly reshape and tone their bodies. the body barre, opening June 30 on East Hampden Avenue in south Denver, was created by Jen Rehm and Nadia Walker – two local entrepreneurs and longtime friends who dreamed of opening their own fitness studio. The duo came upon the barre workout philosophy and knew they had to offer barre fitness classes in their studio after experiencing just how effective the workout style is.

“As a fitness junkie, I found it difficult to challenge my body without bulking up or beating up my joints,” Rehm said. “Then I tried a barre workout. It lengthened and toned my entire body quicker than any exercise I’ve tried. I’m 6 months postpartum, at my pre-baby weight, and my legs look leaner than ever. It works!”

Using small ranges of motion and high repetition, these dance-inspired classes keep muscles engaged throughout the entire workout, quickly toning the body and elongating muscles. Students of any age or fitness level can participate in the body barre workouts, and exercises are modified for those with injuries.

While the barre fitness philosophy is making a splash among Hollywood celebrities, the body barre is one of the first studios of its kind in Denver, offering barre classes as well as other dance styles and formats to avoid students from plateauing. “We’ll also offer happy-hour events featuring burlesque dance, chair dancing, and other provocative formats,” Rehm said. “Students can stay for wine and hors d’oeuvres after class. Fun!”

Having fun and staying fit is what the studio is all about, and Walker and Rehm encourage anyone wanting to get in shape to give it a try. Unlike many fitness studios and gyms, memberships are not required. Participants can purchase packages or simply opt-in one class at a time. the body barre’s introductory offer can be purchased online or over the phone; 10 days unlimited classes for $40.