License Investment

Investment Breakdown

License Investment: $25,000


What’s Included?

  • Right to use professional logo, photography, signs and artwork, including PMS and CKMY colors and brand standards
  • Dedicated studio location page on Barre Forte’s optimized website
  • Inclusion in social media marketing
  • Guidance on site selection, commercial build out, and equipment purchasing
  • Guidance on initial hiring, training, scheduling, and best practices
  • Certification in our nationally recognized barre teacher training program (minimal travel expenses to be covered by licensee)
  • 10 professionally mixed music playlists for exciting classes
  • Start up budget and other documents to help you plan and budget for your new studio


Monthly Royalty Fee: 6% of Gross Sales

What’s Included?

  • New professionally mixed music playlists received monthly
  • Choreographed fitness routines and schedule of choreography
  • Presence and association on our optimized website and social media
  • Digital advertising (Google Adwords, SEO)
  • Ongoing guidance and support from our highly knowledgeable team
  • Brand recognition
Expected Investment: $50,000 to $100,000

You should expect that your total investment to open a studio will range from $50,000 to $100,000. There are many variables associated with opening a studio including studio size, desired location, varying costs associated with demolition and construction of your site, and your design preferences. Based on our experience, we’ll help you determine which location, size, and type of space is best for generating revenue and minimizing cost.

If you plan to obtain a loan to pay for part of your investment, plan to have at least $20,000 to $50,000 in liquid assets to report to your lender. We also recommend setting aside 3 months worth of operating expenses based on your projected expense.

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